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MXDFS is the preeminent digital lifestyle duty free retailer in Greater China.  From its inception, MXDFS is committed to an exceptional shopping experience for international travelers.  We do so by offering a multiplex of high-quality digital electronics merchandise in an inviting shopping environment, with genuine customer care and a relentless effort to improve our offerings and services. 

It all began with a vision - to offer international travelers in and out of Greater China a multiplex of digital electronics goods, be it life-essential digital devices for the discerning travelers, or smart gadgetry gifts for their loved ones at home. 

MX's corporate identity, where the X symbolizes an iconic interchange, serves to remind us of our mission to bring together the latest digital lifestyle offerings from around the world for international travelers on the go.  We will continually examine and improve every facets of our business to engage this mission, to continuously bring you shopping delihts and to strengthen our leading retail position all over Greater China.

Please come and visit us at: 

Beijing International Airport Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 

Shanghai International Airport Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 


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